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Burn fat and calories with deep water aerobics exercises in the pool, using a flotation belt

Get an awesome aerobic workout and burn calories with these aqua exercises in the deeper end of the pool. For these deep – end water aerobics by …117


Basic Aqua Warm up

This video depicts a basic warm-up that you can do in your aqua aerobic classes. I pretty much do this warm-up in all my aquatic fitness classes – deep and …303


Aqua Aerobics. Tidal Wave Workout 1 (Teaching on Poolside)

This is a 20 minute workout cut down to two 6 minutes videos. This clip demonstrated teaching on poolside and provides you with a water temp moves specific to …382


Aqua Noodle: Abdominal Workout WATER NOODLE WORKOUT#2-WECOACH

Strengthen your abs and back in the comfort of a pool! 20-minute abdominal workout shown using a pool noodle. The exercises in this video are a visual …342


Water Aerobics : Aqua Aerobic Exercises for Beginners

Beginners in water aerobics should not have fears about participating in this activity. Choose the variation of the exercise that fits your ability level and get your …141


Deep Water Choreographed Warm Up routine

A sample from my DEEP EXPLORATIONS DVD. All deep water choreography. This is the pool view of the warm up. On the DVD I show all the deck teaching and …333


Water aerobics Shallow & deep water Sampler

2 types of classes: Shallow water core strengthening Deep water total body Both class work your whole body Low impact on all your joints and 100% effective …154


ShaDeep Seniors – Aqua Choreography

So this video features choreography I have been teaching in my classes. I teach in a retirement/tourist community and the classes are big – with lots of older …226


Crossfit in the pool – Aqua aerobics exercises to challenge yourself

Love challenges? Then this is the perfect aqua aerobics diy tutorial for you. Add variety, build stamina and get the most of your pool exercises! Water aerobics …185


3 min Aqua Tutorial – Learn aqua aerobics exercises online to strengthen your core.

shapeupwithpooja is here again with a new aqua aerobics diy tutorial online. In this water aerobics online class you can learn pool exercises done with a water …171