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Tag archives for Water/Aqua

How to Do a Deep Water Workout | Water Aerobics

Nutella Bread Recipe: [removed] Watch more How to Do Water Aerobics videos: …194


Shallow Water Exercises & Combinations by Pauline Ivens

Choreography with Pauline Ivens. Three more advanced shallow water combinations that you can teach in your classes. All 40 combinations are available at …504


Shallow Aquafit Class



Aqua Aerobics Instructor Channels His Inner Beyoncé

See more at: [removed] A water aerobics class probably woke up mega-sore the next morning after their fierce instructor …148


Get Fit in the Pool: Water Aerobics Workout

Runtastic Blog: [removed] LIKE this video! Watch the last episode: [removed] Exercise: 20 running high knees (R/L is one) 20 …216


Aqua Noodle: Knee Strengthening WATER NOODLE WORKOUT#3 – WECOACH

All you need is a pool and a noodle to improve lower body strength. Try this aqua noodle workout for knee strengthening and hip flexibility. The exercises in this …361


Aqua Bangalore – Aqua Stretch Exercises/ Water Stretching Exercises

In this video Pooja shows us how to do stretching exercises in water to avoid lactic acid buildup and prevent injuries. (If you are in Bangalore, you can attend her …182


Aqua Aerobics – Jump Sequence

Jump Sequence – increasing the surface area. A short series of jumping moves for your shallow aqua aerobic classes.281


HIIT Exercises for the Pool

Integrating high-intensity interval training (HIIT) in the pool is an effective alternative to land training and a great way to add variety to existing water routines.263


Aqua Aerobics – Ball workout1

Aqua Aerobics – Ball Workout 1 This 4 minute routine is a sequence of moves using a small ball, working against the buoyancy resistance. The ideal size of your …241