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Step Aerobics Choreography

Step Aerobics Choreography @ Fitness Academy March, 2015.104


Basic Step Aerobics Workout – Quick 2 Combos – Fitness Cardio Burn Beginner

Quick beginner to basic step workout that’s easy to follow. Learn 2 fun combos in a short amount of time, then perform them together at the end. The first combo …1237


Step Aerobics Sweaty Interval Training Workout Video Quick Cardio

Try my latest full length vertical step workout with 3 heart pumping sweaty sections all done in a short amount of time right at home. Focus on the lower body with …1100


Step aerobics.avi

Ukraine, Poltava. Trainer Kovalenko Olya. Music: Inna – Love (DJ Nejtrino DJ Baur Radio Mix)171


Crunch the next step

A fun workout by crunch fitness.2003


Step workout 1 Power step aerobics



Step Aerobics Choreography Ideas with Lisa Dzierzak

Lisa Dzierzak shows you some great combinations for a new 32 count block of step aerobics choreography! Watch the video, learn the moves, and teach it in …441


Advanced Step Aerobics LIVE Online with Liz Clingham

This is one great step class. If you are new to step, this is a class to aspire to, if you are the experienced stepper or an instructor, you will pick up some great …685


Jane Fonda s Step Aerobic



Hip Hop Step Aerobic By: PGR Family Cardio Club

Simple basic step aerobics that targets the gluts, thighs, abs and general cardio. This class you can burn up 800 calories.411