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Quick Step Aerobics Lower Body Burn Workout Video Cardio Fat Burning

Here’s a vertical step workout for beginner to basic stepper’s. It’s easy to follow, and super effective for those wishing to gain strength, endurance, and burn a lot …1351


Power Step Aerobics Class!

This segment is for those who want to get deep into power moves while utilizing the step! It’s easier to follow, but a magnificent workout!870


Step workout 2 Power step aerobics



Caribbean Workout Aerostep Step Aerobics

Join Shelley McDonald and company for a great step workout on the beach. Copyright belongs to the Caribbean Workout.1281


Step Aerobics Music #3 133-136 bpm 54’ 2015/16 Israel RR Fitness

32 Count.3282


Dance Step Aerobics

Dance Step Aerobics is a mini step dance workout which features a warm up, 2 step combinations and cool down stretch. It is choreograph based. It does not …1487


Step-Aerobic Music Mix #7 134-136 bpm 32 Count 2017 Israel RR Fitness

32 Count TRACKLIST: 01 – Deep Purple – Smoke On The Water (Alexx Reed & Robby Mond Remix) 02 – Michael Jackson – They Don’t Care About Us (Aleksey …3629


Basic Step Aerobics Group Fitness Class! Dec 1, 2016

Learn all of the moves for a step group fitness class, learn how to put them together in different combinations, and get a great cardio workout all the while!!2975


Step Aerobics 0930 10-01-2017

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor ([removed]57


Step Aerobics Music #2 134-136 bpm 54’ 2016 Israel RR Fitness

32 Count.3241