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Tag archives for Pregnancy

Exercises and Yoga for Normal Delivery | Vanitha TV

In times of pregnancy, when women are battling mood swings at varying levels, fatigue, sickness and breathing problems; yoga exercises, techniques and …347


Bed Rest Exercises

Being on bed rest while you are pregnant does not mean you should lie still. Stretching and toning movements help you stay strong while your baby grows.2470


Prenatal Exercise Video for Third Trimester Pregnancy

Start or join the discussion about this video on [removed] Great prenatal exercise you can perform during third trimester.66


How to Do Inner Thigh Exercises | Pregnancy Workout

YUMMM Fried Apple Pie Tacos – Learn how to make them here: [removed] Watch more How to Exercise during Pregnancy …135


Scissors (2nd of 5 Deep Water Exercises for Pregnant Women)

As a woman enter her third trimester, often the aches increase, fatigue sets in and let’s face it – you’re wondering “how much longer?” As you near your delivery …15


Exercises for Pregnancy: Hip Circles

Physio exercises for pregnancy to improve gluteal and hip strength during pregnancy. Strengthening these muscles can help with low back pain, pelvic girdle …59


Prenatal Workout Exercises 3rd Trimester Workout 1

How Pregnant Women are Experiencing an Easier and Less Painful Labor, Boosting Their Energy, and Keeping their Weight Down: …2000


Pregnancy Pelvic Warm Up Exercise on Exercise Ball

Start or join the discussion about this video on [removed] This exercise is great for pelvic area. To perform it you will need an exercise ball.67



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Pregnancy Exercise: Squats- How to Squat During Pregnancy, Squat for Birth

Squats are one of the most beneficial Pregnancy Exercises, you must do them. Lorraine from [removed] shows you how to squat …400