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CHINA Trio — 2014 Aerobic Worlds, Cancun (MEX), Qualifications — We are Gymnastics !

FIG Official – 13th Aerobic Gymnastics World Championships, Cancun (MEX), June 27 – 29, 2014. China (Wang Zizhuo, Han Mingzhe, Che Lei), Trio …125


Aerobic Gymnastics – Järfälla Gymnasterna

Vi har besökt Järfälla Gymnasterna inför SM i Aerobic Gymnastics. Svenska Mästerskapen går av stapeln 20-21 maj 2017 i JG-hallen Järfälla utanför Stockholm.71


13th Aerobic Gymnastics World Championship Cancún 2014 Day 2 2

13th Aerobic Gymnastics World Championships 2014 and 6th World Age Group Competition 2014.9727


Suki aerobic gymnastics club competition Victoria Barrell- 1st place

via YouTube Capture.120


Heathrow international 2015 Aerobic Gymnastics competition Lucy routine

Heathrow international competition 27th to 28th June Lucy’s routine aerobic gymnastics.95


Aerobic gymnastics, High V- push up

Learning High V.4


A-frame 1/2 turn to split (2013 aerobic gymnastics new element by reza farokhian)

(0.6 value) (A 186.B) Family Name: Group A EXPLOSIVE PU FAMILY A-FRAME – Hands must leave the floor before the pike position or turn – Pike position …5


Aerobic Gymnastic 2013 ( Claudio Marsello-Indonesia)

SUZUKI WORLD CUP 2013 Individual Man. Claudio Marsello – Indonesia Result: Artistic: 8.700 Execution : 8.000 Diff: 2.700 Final Total: 19.400 *Rank: 10.105


Aerobic Gymnastics /Jale/Dilare/

Aerobic Gymnastics /Jale/Dilare/116


Sophie Roberts Routine at Heathrow International Aerobic Gymnastics Championship.MTS

Sophie Roberts a member of Martine’s Action Pack a voluntary run Aerobic Gymnastic club based in Aberdare, South Wales, this is her routine at the Heathrow …100