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Tag archives for For Seniors

Smart Moves Seated Warmup

Seated warm up and stretch Chair exercise Senior Exercise Jackie Tally, Smart Moves Exercise for Older Adults/Seniors.327


Senior Chair Aerobics

This is a preview of a chair workout for silver and grey seniors. Just because you are a senior does not mean you can’t have fun.608


Chair Aerobics – Strength

Chair Strength is a toning exercise workout that was created for those with limited mobility or recoverying from an injury. Seniors, Baby Boomers and everybody …657


Chair Fitness Workout

This is a 10 minute segment of a Chair Aerobics Workout I did on my cable fitness TV show. You be sit and be fit, burn calories and lose and manage your weight …629


Fun Aerobics For Seniors

View more details at [removed]159


Stair Step Exercise for Older Adults to Improve Balance

Fitness trainer Dave Reddy, a member of the Signature Trainer Network, discusses how to improve balance and coordination by working on stair steps.166


seniors have the last laugh Aerobics 2015

1st place!230


Water Aerobics Keeps Seniors Moving & Provides Therapeutic Benefits

Lissette Gonzalez takes a look.163


Exercise Older Adults – Intro/Cardio

Practical session including introduction and cardio.444


Senior resistance band exercises with balance and Wellness

www.anewway2move.com & www.vitalityfl.com Curtis Adams takes seniors through an exciting cardio workout. Fitness program is done standing and seated.778