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Tag archives for Aerobics

Full Body – Kick Box Aerobic Workout Routine 90 Min

90 Minutes Full Body Workout Routine – Kickboxing, Cardio and Strength [removed]5863


Disco Aerobics Workout – Part 1

Join world-renowned fitness presenter Stuart Harrop in this fun, disco themed aerobic workout! Either follow the whole series for a full workout, or use each clip …799


Aerobic Exercise: Sidesteps | Exercise for Older Adults

Learn a simple sidestep exercise to use in you cardio fitness routine by watching this short video tutorial For more exercise ideas to use in your cardio fitness …115


Exercises for different parts of the body, Jumping, Stretching, Aerobics, Funny Game for Kids .

Exercises for different parts of the body, Jumping, Stretching, Aerobics, Funny Game for Kids . Various exercises to strengthen the heart, hands, feet. What daily …844


Step Aerobics| Weight Loss Workout Routine| Step Aerobics Class| Learn STEP Combinations|AngieFitne

Welcome to this 45 minute Intermediate level Step Aerobics Workout for Weight Loss with intervals of upper body/lower body/core sculpt and tone. This workout …3134


Gilad Janklowicz Step Aerobics Workout Routine & Bodies in Motion Full Episode

Get the best shape of your life with Yoga [removed] Gilad HostThe World’s Longest Fitness Show On Tv "Bodies In Motion (32 Yrs)". Top Aerobics …1308


Aerobic Exercise: Jog on the Spot | Exercise for Older Adults

Learn a quick and easy cardio workout for older adults: jogging on the spot. It’s great aerobics There are more fitness, cardio and strength exercises you can do …98


Aqua Aerobics Noodle 1

This is a basic aqua aerobics noodle workout video, giving you a routine that will challenge the upper body strength and core control. There are key points noted …540


CariFin Aerobics Burnout 2017

CariFin Aerobics Burnout 2017.1340


Pilates Mat with Step Aerobics Workout (What the Fitness)

What the Fitness: [removed] Combine some power moves with a step and mix in some Pilates Mat exercises for this one-two combo of …532