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Power Pad Fun! Part 2 (Dance Aerobics) – Pat the NES Punk

Follow Pat on twitter! [removed] Go to [removed] for all of Pat’s latest videos! Dance Aerobics (Nintendo – 1988). God help us …206


Tamil Vaada Mappilai Fun and Simple Aerobics Dance

Good simple dance song. Can be used for variety of ages.154


FigureRobics 1 Jung Dayeon 鄭多燕 dance new



Aerobic Dance: Thats Not My Name

This choreography is not 100% mine. I helped my friend Wanda Eugene choreograph it so in return I can use it. Thanks Wanda! Also the camera ran out of …255


Kegel Exercise For Pregnant Women

Don’t forget to check out our brand new website – [removed] This exercise positions the baby in the womb and relieves pressure in pelvis region.161


Quick Step Aerobics Lower Body Burn Workout Video Cardio Fat Burning

Here’s a vertical step workout for beginner to basic stepper’s. It’s easy to follow, and super effective for those wishing to gain strength, endurance, and burn a lot …1351


Power Step Aerobics Class!

This segment is for those who want to get deep into power moves while utilizing the step! It’s easier to follow, but a magnificent workout!870


Exercise Older Adults – Intro/Cardio

Practical session including introduction and cardio.444


Senior resistance band exercises with balance and Wellness

www.anewway2move.com & www.vitalityfl.com Curtis Adams takes seniors through an exciting cardio workout. Fitness program is done standing and seated.778


Step Interval Aerobics for Weight Loss Exercise Routine! No Choreography! Basic & Easy to Follow!

Step Interval Aerobics for weight loss exercise routine is a great calorie burner. No hard moves or choreography. Basic and simple exercises. All modifications …1299

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